Noemi Saga



Solid Wood


25,5cm x 24cm x 11,7cm (LxWxH)

Bichos do Brasil is a collection of decorative and collectible objects of wooden figures that represent animals of the Brazilian fauna.

The design of the collection translates into a balance between figurative and minimalism.

Through geometrization, the elements that make up each piece enhance the traditional joinery techniques.

The round and deep eyes are striking characteristics in the Bichos do Brasil.

Each piece is numbered and receives a graphic intervention painted by hand.

Tatu-Bola: 27cm x 16 cm x 16,5cm

Jabuti: 22,2cm x 22,2cm x 15cm

Jacaré: 46cm x 22,8cm x 8,5cm

Sucuri snake: 57,5cm x 9,5cm x 5,5cm

Cascavel snake: 32cm x 16cm x16cm

Peixe-Boi: 25,5cm x 24cm x 11,7cm


The bold geometrical parts that form the body of  the PEIXE-BOI expresses its gentle personality.