Noemi Saga

Nuno Wall Lamp


Pine wood


16,5cm x
14cm x
W x D x H

This wall lamp integrates the Nuno Lamp family which finishing treatment was inspired by Shou sugi ban or Yakisugi, a Japanese ancient technique of wood burning, used in order to preserve and reveal material’s beauty. The use of different shades of ebony and the texture obtained after the burning make each lamp a unique and special piece.

Plans and reflector’s cutouts were inspired by origami, concretism and brutalism.

The wall lamp can be rotated to adjust the light focus.

Nuno Lamp establishes a dialogue between old and new: the combination of fire – as the primary source of lightning – and the LED – as the most advanced technology in the category –materialize our path and the search of light.

G9 lamp base (01 LED 3,5 W – not included)