Noemi Saga

Noemi Saga Atelier is a Brazilian product brand established in 2013 by Nomina Design.


April to May: Exhibition commemorating the 10th anniversary of Noemi Saga Atelier at the Exhibition Entretempos, Virginia building | São Paulo, Brazil

March – DW! São Paulo Design Weekend | Exhibition: Eu e Você Somos Muitas (“Me and You are Many”) , Virginia building | São Paulo, Brazil


December – Jury at the Museu da Casa Brasileira award in the lighting category

April – SP-Arte | Hawaii chair and armchair| To.Ti Lamps

February  – Finalist Salão Design Award | REX table line


April – SP-Arte Viewing room (online)

September – Switzerland | Design Miami/Basel | Design At Large Exhibition | Sucuri, Bichos do Brasil Collection

September – Milan Design Week | Brazil, Design in Motion


December – Casa Vogue Experience | Talk: “What is Design For? The New Meanings of the Activity Discovered in 2020”. 

October – Ducth Design Week (online)


Finalist Lamps Category | Boushi Lamp |  Casa Vogue Design Award 2020

Finalist Textiles Category | Moon Rug | Casa Vogue Design Award 2020

SP-Arte Viewing room (online)

MADE + NotCanceled (online)

February – 3rd edition Brazilian Stone Original Design Exhibition |  São Paulo Coffee Table, Vitória Stone Fair, Vitória, ES


November – Finalist | Boushi Lamp – Exhibition 33rd Museu da Casa Brasileira Award

October – Brazilian Embassy in Berlin  | Exhibition: The Brazilian Art of Seating | Madeleine chair

September –  Casa Pau Brasil | Talk Brazilian Design, Lisbon

August – São Paulo Design Weekend | 7th Made | Beijo Rug an Tapestry and  Boushi Table Lamp

1st place – 5m Category| Bradesco Private Bank Made Design & Arte Award

High Design | Moon rug

Prêmio Salão Design Awarded Exhibition |  Girafa ladder&hanger stand

July – Casa Pau Brasil – Pedrita Lamps | Lisbon

Casa Cor São Paulo | Fetiche Loft by Ricardo Borges | Bamboula Table Lamp

June – Barcelona Design Week | Exhibition: The Brazilian Way of Seating | Madeleine Chair,  Disseny Hub Barcelona, Spain

May – New York Design Week | Pedrita Lamps | Moon Rug, Javits Center, New York

April  – Milan Design Week | Exhibition: Brazil Essentially Diverse | Pedrita Lamp, Museo Della Permanente, Milan

15th SP Arte | Pedrita Lamps | Nouveau and Moon rugs, Bienal do Ibirapuera, São Paulo

February –  Brazilian Stone Original Design Exhibition |  Riquixá Bar | Chess vase and candleholder, Vitória Stone Fair, Vitória, ES


September – Raiz Project Exhibition: Brazilian Way of Sitting | London Design Festival | Madeleine Chair

August – São Paulo Design Week |  Amoreira Showroom

June/July – MADE |  THÈ Coffee Table| Madeleine Sofa and Armachair


April –  Raiz Project Exhibition: Brazilian Way of Sitting | Milan Design Week | Madeleine Chair

April – SP-Arte | Tepacê Dining Table| Madeleine Chair

March – Finalist | Hermit Lamp | Casa Vogue Design Award

February – Raiz Project Exhibition | Stockholm Design Week at Alma Gallery | Xingu bench


November – Finalist | Hermit Lamp | 31st Museu da Casa Brasiliera Award and Salão Design Award

September – Raiz Project Exhibition | Brazilian Embassy in Paris | Xingu bench

August – São Paulo Design Weekend

2nd place – Bradesco Private Bank MADE of Design & Arte Award

MADE – Mercado Arte Design Fair | INI daybed | Bamboula Lamp

Studio Cristiana Bertolucci |  Origin Collection | Bamboula Lamp

Bellouchi Rug On | Landscape rug

June to July – CasaCor São Paulo | Nomad studio by Todos Arquitetura | Nuno lamp2

June – Raiz Project Exhibition | Brazilian Embassy in Rome | Xingu bench

April – Milan Design Week | Università Degli Studi di Milano
Mostra Brazil S/A 8th edition | Hermit portable lamp
Mostra Be Brasil | Xingu bench

March – La Lampe 30th anniversary
Hermit  portable lamp | Nuno1 pendent lamp | Nuno wall lamp


November – Finalist | Xingu Bench
30th Prêmio Museu da Casa Brasileira

September – London Design Festival | The Design Junction
Nuno lamp

April – Milan Design Week
Mostra Brazil S/A Università Degli Studi di Milano

1st Place | Girafa Ladder & Mancebo
Prêmio Salão Design

Finalist | Parô Bicycle Stand
Prêmio Salão Design

2nd Place | Conogó Screen Partition
28th Premio Museu da Casa Brasileira

Finalist | Conogó Screen Partition
Prêmio Salão Design

Beyond aesthetics and functionality, Noemi Saga Atelier pursues emotional connection between people and objects.

Research on arts, history, trends and cultural expressions are important inspiration sources.

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Parô retrô Request similar

Besides its own production, the Atelier selects objects of art and design.

Ditian letters

Ditian bike

Intervention series are based on the reuse of objects and its resignification.


Noemi Saga is the founder of Nomina Design and Noemi Saga Atelier. She studied Graphic Design, Interior Design and Jewelry Design and has a MBA in Luxury Management with extension in Essec, Paris.

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